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Ocean Sleep 5 Board Pine Waterbed Frame

  • Mid America Furniture Hardside Waterbed Base

Product Description

5-Board Hardside Waterbed Frame

Pine frame waterbed

The Solid Pine 5-Board waterbed frame has all you need to get set up with a new hardside waterbed mattress.

Featuring a basic pedestal, wooden rails, and simple flat pine headboard, the Pine 5-Board is the best solution for an affordable waterbed frame.

Solid Pine 5-Board comes with:

  • Solid Pine Side Rails to support your hardside watebred
  • Free Flow waterbed bladder or optional upgrade bladder choices. 
  • Basic riser/pedestal without storage drawers. Note: The basic riser does not include the decking. You will need to purchase this at your local lumber supply store.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Storage Riser available in 9 or 13 inch height. Each riser comes with 4 storage drawers. Available in Pine or Oak wood.
  • Waterbed Decking included with all stroage (drawer bases)
  • Semi-Waveless or Waveless Waterbed Bladder Choices.

Available Sizes:

  • King (Waterbed or Cal King 72x84 inch)
  • Queen (Waterbed Queen 60x84 inch)
  • Super Single (4xx84 inch)

The price of this frame and waterbed package includes:

  • The Pine headboard panel
  • The hardside waterbed frame
  • One (1) Free Flow Hardside Waterbed Mattress
  • One (1) Quantum Thermal Waterbed Heater
  • Waterbed Stand-up liner
  • 8-ounce bottle of waterbed conditioner
  • Waterbed fill & drain kit

Optional In-Home Delivery is available.

  • Standard Curbside Delivery will leave the components in your driveway or in front of your house. They can be heavy and awkward. If you need the 5-board pieces transported into your home, consider upgrading to in-home delivery. (Note you will still be responsible for assembly.)


A pine bed frame and foundation is an essential add-on when you upgrade your sleep to a new hardside waterbed. When you are embracing all the benefits of Zero-G sleep that a waterbed mattress can offer you need to have the proper support base for the waterbed itself.


Unfortunately these specially designed bed frames can be the hardest part of the waterbed to locate. There are very manufacturers who make them. Unless you are a skilled woodworker, it is probably too big a project for most weekenders.


At Waterbed Bargains, we’ve partnered with some of the finest craftsmen to create a series of hardside waterbed foundations that will properly support your waterbed and which are designed to bear the immense weight of a fully filled hardside waterbed.


In addition, these waterbed bases are easily assembled in your home and they ship in a very affordable manner. You will truly feel weightless when you sleep on a high-quality hardsided waterbed that is properly supported by the right waterbed frame and base.


Features and BenefitsWaterbed Storage Base- 4 drawer underbed storage solution

  • Pine Construction Durability and quality to offer years of worry free use

Upgraded storage pedestal options are available.

Note: Color is approximate. Actualy shade may vary slightly.



1 – Attach keyhole brackets to headboard end of frame using 1” wood screws.

2 - Attach one keyhole bracket to each sideboard at footboard end.

3 - Assemble frame. Inside measurement head to foot should be exactly seven feet. If 5 Board frame, attach headboard using sticks and 1 5/8” drywall screws.

4 – Assemble pedestal.  

5 - Lay decking (if included) on pedestal with cut corner where heater is to be placed; center decking on pedestal.

6 – Place frame on deck so that it rests securely with head and foot ends resting on deck and sides next to deck.

7 – Fasten frame to deck with “L” brackets, one in middle of each side. 1” screws into frame, ½” screws into deck.

8 – Install heater as per manufacturer’s instructions.

9 – Install safety liner.

10 – Install and fill mattress as per manufacturer’s instructions.